My First Attempt At Film Photography

After a long conversation with my friend Leona (check out her photos!) on what film stocks she should buy, I was inspired myself to try out this traditional but classic form of photography.

My weapon of choice was an old 1992 Olympus AF-1 Twin point-and-shoot film camera I found lying around in a cupboard. Then, I ordered 3 rolls of Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 on eBay.

It was a peculiar feeling not being able to check how your photos looked like by looking at your camera’s screen but it quickly became evident how much more stress-free shooting on film was because you took the shot and that was it. You didn’t have keep snapping away just to get the perfect shot because you looked at the screen and decided that the previous photo wasn’t good enough.

Some of the photos came out quite blurry as I figured the camera’s shutter speed was not fast enough. However, I loved how the nicer ones turned out. The Fuji’s colour rendition was pretty impressive in comparison to the cheap Kodak film used for the photos found in your old photo albums.

The photos below were taken in Melaka, Malaysia and Melbourne, Australia. Hopefully, you’ll see more film photos from me soon!



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